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Kate was an absolute pleasure to work with. She set forth a simple yet effective plan to follow, with step-by-step instructions for each phase of the day. She was calm, reassuring, empathetic, supportive, and responsive throughout the entire process, treating us and all of our questions and concerns with the utmost dignity and respect. She normalized the process by providing reassurances and tips whenever we fell off track. This really took away the pressure for perfection, and ultimately made our sleep goals feel more attainable. Kate didn’t just “fix” my daughter’s sleep behavior, she restored healthy sleep habits for the entire family and gave me and my husband our much needed personal time back. All of our connections and quality of life were greatly improved thanks to our work with Kate. We are forever grateful to her for everything she did for our family.
         -Caitlin, Parent to 3 year old
Kate was excellent and so helpful! She really made us feel comfortable during our time together and helped us to trust the process. When we connected with Kate our 10 month old was barely sleeping more than 2 hrs at a time throughout the night and having half an hour naps. We also felt we had to rock her to sleep every time she woke up. We were exhausted and unsure of what to do. Kate helped us to create a plan, empowered us with tools and confidence to stick to the plan, and was always there to answer our questions. We now have a baby sleeping through the night, who is able to put herself to sleep and who is getting longer naps in place. We recommend Kate to anyone who needs help with their little ones' sleep!
       - Jim & Tiffany, Parents to 10 month old
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