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Sleep Packages & Services

Let's get your family's sleep back on track

Two Weeks Support


Ideal for families with ongoing sleep issues.

For ages 5 months to 6 years 


  • 60 minute video consultation

  • Review of your completed intake form

  • Discuss family sleep goals, current routines, safe sleep, parenting style and sleep training approaches

  • Personalized sleep plan within 48 hours

  • Two weeks of daily follow-up support over phone calls and email

  • Daily review of a sleep log

  • Wrap up call to celebrate progress 

  • No additional fee for multiples

Newborn Sleep Support


Build a solid foundation for your little snoozer and set them up for a lifetime of high quality sleep. For expectant parents up to 16 weeks.


  • 60 minute video consultation

  • One 30 minute follow up phone call can be used from birth to 16 weeks

  • Safe sleep practices, sleep environment and healthy sleep habits for a newborn

  • What to expect with newborn sleep and developmental milestones

  • Offers 1:1 support for the first few months with a newborn

45 Minute Phone Call


Nap transition approaching? Is your toddler ready for a bed? Get answers to your specific sleep questions. 


  • 45 minute phone consultation

  • Two follow up emails within four weeks

  • A good fit for the parent who likes a DIY approach

  • Does not include a sleep plan or follow-up support

Returning Client
Phone Call


Sometimes things can shift as children grow and questions come up.


  • 30 minute phone consultation 

  • Nap transitions, early risings, a new sibling, a new milestone...we can chat about it. 

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