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My Approach

Aren't we all trying to do the best that we can? Let's start from where you are now.

Maybe you've inadvertently created some sleep habits in your home because you desperately wanted more sleep for yourself. Your willingness and ability to be consistent going forward will make all the difference. If you're ready to make changes for more sleep, I am here to support you.  

During our consultation, we'll talk about: your child's sleep environment and routine, an age-appropriate schedule so that sleep is happening at the optimal biological times, and so much more. I'll recommend safe sleep practices that align with The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines.

During the two-week support sessions: we'll build on things further. I work with families to identify their specific sleep goals, discuss parenting styles and a return to sleep approach. I'll create an individualized sleep plan for your child. Through our daily communication, I provide coaching, encouragement and troubleshooting to motivate you and ensure that you meet your goals.  I'll provide you with the knowledge you need so that you're not filtering through tons of information. That can free up some mental space for you to implement and follow through with the plan. 


After working together, my hope is that parents feel empowered, capable and well rested. 

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