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Restful Nights. New Mornings.

At New Mornings, I understand that days can feel like a struggle following sleepless nights. It's hard to bring our best selves to parenting when we're exhausted. That's why I'm passionate about helping parents get their children into a healthier sleep routine to benefit the whole family. I provide individualized support to address the specific needs of each child and family. My ultimate goal is for families to have restful nights and happier days.

Toddler sleep help. Sleep consultant.


sleep coach. help my child sleep through the night.

Hi, I'm Kate Cocuzzo, a Child Sleep Consultant Certified by the Family Sleep Institute

As a child sleep consultant, it is my mission to equip parents with the tools, knowledge and confidence to provide their child with healthy and restorative sleep.


I completed my Sleep Consultant certification through FSI after having many tired days when our first child was a baby. I am thrilled to be able to work with families utilizing FSI's comprehensive, science-based training. I believe that everyone deserves high quality rest.


If you're facing things like toddler bedtime battles, night wakings, early morning wakeups, short naps, or what feels like hours of rocking or soothing your child to sleep, I have been there. You are in the right place.

Services for children from birth to age 6

Help my toddler sleep

Consultation with Two Weeks Support

Help my baby sleep. Sleep coach.

Consultation with Newborn Support

New baby on the way. Help my toddler go to bed.

Answers to Sleep Questions

What Parents Are Saying

"Kate didn’t just “fix” my daughter’s sleep behavior, she restored healthy sleep habits for the entire family and gave me and my husband our much needed personal time back."

"Kate was super supportive and thoughtful."

"We recommend Kate to anyone who needs help with their little ones' sleep!"

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